Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Regina

One of my new faves, Andrew Bird, is coming to your town to make sweet, sweet love to you via musical entropy. I have no idea what I'm saying. At any rate, he is going to something called the Regina Folk Festival. Now, my feed reader for Andrew Bird is a constant disappointment as it never says CLEVELAND. For Lincoln's father's sake couldn't we get a band I like to come here, posthaste (ok, New Pornographers are, but somebody else). Hell - I'd even take the Happy Monster Band appearing in a drunken hallucination. So, I do not trust it and I am suspicious when it says a pass for said folk fest is 89 dollars . . . ? (. . . ? ='s this is a fact that I refuse to believe is true). Maybe with your 90 large you get a haircut from Andrew Bird. I don't know. Sorry I can't help.

I have been bad about writing. I'm not sure why. I still mentally construct posts, but then I don't write them. Oh, I have constructed a more solid back-up strategy, the finishing touches of which I have been applying. And that has required some time at the old terminal here. I am now secure-shelling into my parent's computer and storing things there. They have no idea! I swear, if any of you mad math geniuses try to hack into my parents' computer, I won't be pleased (*cough* Janny *uncough*). Anyway, I think I might add some Amazon s3 storage for most-critical data and call it a strategy. You're welcome.

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Blogger May-B said...

Ooooooh!!!!! the Folk Festival rocks. Now I will have to go! The $89 is for 3 days of the greatest music ever. Hmm. Maybe a haircut would be nice though.

Hey, maybe it's time for a Roger family Road Trip!

1:03 AM

Blogger Ky said...

Cleveland can't be that far from Regina, right?

1:07 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

From Andrew Bird's website: "Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and whistler." I am so intrigued.

I agree Bron, I think we need to go this year. We should buy them why early bird passes are still available. Folk Fest is one of those events that reminds me why I love Regina so much. The best was when Lyn was working the gate and she sneaked us in for free.

12:34 PM


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