Wednesday, November 17, 2010

audrey hepburn's accent

Sweet band name, right?

theMomica and I were watching The Children's Hour (winner of 1961's Debbie Downer movie of the year) and Audrey Hepburn was all "WORLD'S CHAMPION BLIND LADY!" and I was all, "WTF is she from?" She had an accent singular to herself. Perhaps British, but not quite.

Turns out, it's no surprise she's an accent mutt. (Please give Jimmy Wales money, fyi.) That's quite the litany of places to grow up in. She should have kept it consistent with sister Kate though.

That's a stupid joke that was supposed to be the closer to the post, but I just remembered theMomica calling out Hepburn on her anorexia. Like totally. She weighs 17 pounds in this movie with 6 pounds of hair. So, is Audorexic Hepburn a better band name? I report; you decide!

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Blogger Ky said...

Oh dang, I am about to be the annoying correcter person. Champion blind lady movie is "Wait Until Dark." Lesbian teacher movie is "The Children's Hour." I'm a big Audorexic Hepburn fan and own both.

p.s. I had no idea that she was anorexic until now, but it all makes sense, what with the 11lb body and 6lb hair.

12:42 PM

Blogger roger said...

Per usual, you are correct.

I THOUGHT that I had written a review of Wait Until Dark which generally disapproved of how "dicky" her boyfriend was to her and how hilarious I found the WCBL line was. Then I was going to link it here and express dismay that you didn't have total recall of my blog. But, since I can't find said post, maybe I didn't write it . . . oh well. But yes, different movie. She didn't say anything awesome in TCH.

1:08 PM


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