Monday, August 03, 2009


TGIFriday's has gone from the best restaurant ever, to the dumbest, Luke Perry style (8 seconds flat).

First they had 5-dollar lunch. Yes, 5 dollars for any sandwich or salad. Straight up - no catch. And the portions were even full-sized. Times were golden and my buddies and I went there probably 8 days a week.

Oh, those salad days . . . suddenly, we realized that 5 bucks was just a promotional deal and it had ended. I was sad - not going to lie. And our trips to Friday's dwindled to the occasional and I'm sure a server or two had to drop a piece of flair accordingly, in memorium.

Well, we went back last week. I got the pecan-crusted chicken salad. Said piece of chicken was probably less than half a breast. No joke. I had to get lunch after lunch.

So, Friday's, the boycott is on. Now you've upset me and I can't even write a funny post about your lame salad. Are you happy? Are you??

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