Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Netflix: Atonement (2007)

Stop. Spoiler time.

Oh, I'm a whiny little British girl that has an active imagination/makes shit up. Wouldn't it be cheeky of me to tell a lie about my sister's lover and send him to Turkish prison? Would it? I'm a cheeky monkey. Then one day I will take it all back and tell the authorities that my sister's lover is actually a stand-up guy and once saved my dumb, drowning @ss when I jumped in to see if he'd come after me. His hair looked ever so nice and I didn't think he'd do it. But he did! That was cheeky too. Keep in mind I was like 13-years old and the time, not 4. Aren't I cheeky? I am cheeky and lucky, because, in hindsight, he should have let me drown.

I can't emphasize my cheekiness enough. Do you know how cheeky I am? Do you? Well, I didn't actually do the part about exonerating my sister's lover. Instead, I wrote a book about how happy they would have been had I maybe said something and had they not died in the war. Best part, I even interrupted the one chance they had to do it. I'm a cheeky monkey.

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Blogger Alan said...

This movie automatically gets a pass from me for its five minute WWII tracking shot and for incorporating a scene from Le Quai des Brumes.

7:40 PM


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