Monday, July 27, 2009

general nonsense

What it is my friends?

What is new in my world? Hmm, not much. I am sitting around waiting to leave work. Why? Well, I have roller hockey tonight and it is at Point B. I am at Point C. Point A is my house. Point D is some other point of interest at which I could go to kill some time. Well, the problem is that the distance between Point A and Point C is prohibitive to then travelling to Point C. I mean, A is just as far from C and it is from B, but in varying and disparate directions. I was supposed to bring a book with me today, which would have allowed me to traipse about Points A-AZ without much concern for locales or displacements or whatnot. BUT, alas, I forgot said book (I'm ready a Clancy for some reason. It's been years, but they're usually entertaining AND I can beat to death any would-be attackers). Sans book, I'm kind of thinking I don't want to go sit around the roller hockey rink watching a bunch of games. I mean, I know I should be scouting the league, learning players' tendencies and the like, but I'm thinking I won't go pro until next year and why put all the big time constraints on before they're necessary. (Point D was a red herring.)

A guy at work wants to learn how to golf because he's "bored." One does not slam car doors on their fingers out of boredom, I should hope, but he would do likewise. I offered that he'd be best served by taking some lessons and then decide if he was still really so bored. Maybe I should have disuaded him further, but maybe he'll love it. I kind of hate golf but find myself playing nonetheless. It is sometimes rewarding.

And there you go. You had to endure this so that I could burn 5 minutes. My apologies.



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