Tuesday, August 04, 2009

dialogue (and more!)

1: Hey, is that that chick you used to date?
2: If by "date," you mean went out once and she didn't like me, then yes.

Every once in awhile you run into someone you used to date. I mean, not for serious date, but like you went out a few times or maybe you liked her and she blew you off (figuratively only).

Once at school, I was all dressed up for some bs presentation or whatnot and I saw this girl that I had liked a couple years before. I must have looked double-plus good because she did a double-take and made all these complimentary comments. I was like, "You look somehow fatter - like in the face."

Ok. I didn't say that. And even though I was long since over it, I have to admit I am shallow and there was a deep satisfaction to the encounter. Then I asked her out and when she said yes I said, "Just kidding Fatty McGee!"

Ok. I didn't say that either.



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