Friday, October 24, 2008

my name is roger and i'm a deadbeat blogger . . .

But-but-but - we don't have the interwebs at home yet . . . or any TV channel other than FOX . . . or a fully-raked yard . . . or a moat full of alligators . . . but you know what we DO have? Wallpaper. Lots and lots of glorious wallpaper. And did I mention theMonica is morally opposed to wallpaper? I didn't? Well, there you have it. The devil is in the details.

I kid because the wallpaper is kind of floral and ugly. Some interesting design choices were made before we got there. We will be spending the remainder of our lives correcting some of those choices.

At any rate, I've been absent and judging by the 0 emails I've gotten about it, missed so deeply that you were too distraught to even write to ask if I was ok. I understand. The implications of any true harm to my person would have been impossible to comprehend. Fear not. I have much delight lined up when I have working intertubes. I'm going to go postal on your asses. You know, postal, as in generating a lot of posts "rapidly." You knew what I meant. Cheeky monkey.

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Blogger Teacher Lady said...

No moat full of alligators? That definitely is a design choice you need to correct quickly.

3:48 PM

Blogger May-B said...

I thought maybe theMonica wouldn't let you come and play any more. I've heard that happens sometimes when a guy is totally whipped.

11:08 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Would it help if the entire blog world dropped by one weekend to help take down the wallpaper? I'm pretty sure we could knock it out fairly quickly if you buy the beer.

9:30 AM


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