Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best. Family. Ever!

Yesterday I went to my iDoc and got my pupils dilated. This appointment was in preparation for the LASER vision I'm having installed in ROGER 32.6 (coming January 7th! I think I just violated my own HIPAA rights). Anyone who's had this done knows that it's an annoying experience. It makes your eyes mega-sensitive to light and kind of blurs the vision. But you're good to drive home - totally - provided there are no deer or humans crossing the streets and whatnot.

So it is understandable that when I got home, I couldn't tell for sure if my tree lawn (by buddy Dan calls the tree lawn the devil's cooter or something? Something totally bizarre. Even more bizarre, my TREE lawn is the only part of my yard that doesn't have a tree. It has a mailbox and god bless it, I love that mailbox as it doesn't dump 40 mulch-yards of leaves every third day all over hell's half-acre. And for the completely bizarre, bizarre has 2 Rs and one Z? It should be 2 Zs and one R, but not right next to each other) - now see, the problem I have with parenthetical is that it was like 15 minutes ago that you read the part of the sentence that's pre-parenthetical. Who can remember that long ago? A refresher: My buddy Dan makes up names for shit and pretends like it's some old Italian thing. He calls his car his "go-go" machine and says his great-great-grandpa invented the first quadricycle and that's what he named it. I'm on to you Dan. At any rate, I had the blurred vision, it was kind of dark, but it looked like more leaves on Lucifer's Soul Patch or whatever than when I had left for work. But I feared my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The true test was checking out the back yard and . . . IT WAS LEAFLESS!! Glorious! As it turns out, the leaf fairy came and whisked away all my leaves. It was magical! And in exhange she put one million dollars under my pillow. Win-win! Ok, it wasn't really the leaf fairy. It was RD, RM and RS2 . . . and apparently my sublings also helped by running around the house and generally distracting them from the job at hand. I was happy to see all my complaining finally come to fruition in the form of somebody else solving the problem for me. Yay! But seriously, thanks RS2!

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Blogger Soph said...

Sweet not only did someone clean up your yard but you are having LASIK, yeah? it's gonna change your life.

1:13 PM

Anonymous rs2 said...

Dadman did the renting of the machine and all... Happy housewarming. Remember this when the sublings are wrecking havoc on the homestead in the future

3:02 PM

Anonymous rs2 said...

I meant "wreak" havoc...but I guess wreck could be appropriate. Yes, I had to go back and check as the thought randomly came to me.

1:32 PM


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