Friday, August 08, 2008

In society's continual assault against my person news . . .

In noggin news, I took a soccer ball off of my beautiful face last week during our disappointing 3-3 tie (they scored the tying goal with like 3 seconds left). I was running at this dude about 20 yards away from the goal. I was no more than 4 feet from him and he somehow managed to hit me in the face with his shot (?). It was a glancing blow that jostled my eye and contact around a bit. It didn't necessarily hurt, but I felt like Mr. Magoo for a minute there. Anyway, it looks like I’m wearing eye make-up on Lefty. So, I put some eyeliner on Kevin (my right eye – 100 million bonus points if you know this reference) to balance things out. Then I darkened my eyebrows to bring out my baby blues and added a little foundation to even things out and – viola! – I’m a SUPERSTAR!

Or maybe I made up the whole story to hide the fact that theMonica beat me up. And maybe this is a cry for help (waaah, waaah, nudge, nudge).

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Blogger Joe said...

Still, it's so much more entertaining than the usual "I ran into the door" excuse you trot out every time this happens.

7:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin and Lefty are the names that Luke Wilson gives his eyebrows (per "Old School" on DVD w/commentary). Can I redeem my bonus points for actual money (preferrable euros)?

11:19 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Argh. Anony beat me to it!
One time a guy friend got hit above the eye with a metal marble. He asked if he could tell the other guys he went for a grab and I popped him in the eye. He figured that was the ultimate compliment he could give me.

11:36 AM


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