Friday, July 25, 2008

my finger hurts . . .

The first rule of goalie is OUCH. My freaking pinky! That smarts! Yah, the first rule of goalie is that eventually, you're going to get hit with the puck in every, un/not-as-well-protected spot on your body. The logistics of my pinky strike are probably too convoluted to explain, but I will try nonetheless.

I was reaching with my blocker hand (right) to make a high-ish save. Said blocker hand made the save, but not with the front, rectangular part, but with the leather glove which the blocker is attached too. Even this would have been ok if I hadn't hit the puck on the first knuckle of the pinkie. Further up the finger, there is additional protection, but why would I take advantage of that? Poppycock! Oh well, I can only assume the gods intended for my finger to turn into a sausage. And so it was written and so it shall be.

Now rinky is 40% purple and I have changed his name to Grimace. Fries for everyone.

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