Thursday, August 21, 2008

faith in humanity restored (minus $120)

So, Friday night I went to happy hour and the Indians game. I was a little drunk, but not too bad. I was having a good time; the Indians won. We were headed out of the stadium and just was we went past the gates, I realized something. I can't feel my wallet. Ok - it's not like your wallet taps you on the shoulder ever few minutes, but you usually have a vague sense of its presence on your person. But I thought of it and, yah, no tapping on my shoulder . . . no wallet. Extra super.

theMonica, Alan and I searched our seats in vain. It was gone. I spent the rest of the night being being incredibly pissed off (for serious - who loses their wallet?) and temporarily neutering my financial life. I mostly blamed myself, but there was a small element of "What is this world coming to where you can't leave your wallet out amongst 30,000 people and expect to get it back?" And hadn't I read a study that said that the vast majority of the wallets they purposefully lost were returned unmolested?

theMonica called the Indians on Saturday and they said they didn't have it. Oh well. By that point, all I really needed was a new license.

Fast forward to Monday (yah, this is taking forever for me to tell with like zero payoff). I have a voicemail . . . from the Indians . . . they have my wallet. The message was from Saturday. Apparently, all the Indians people don't talk to each other or the people answering the phones couldn't care less about my wallet. This was disappointing. What was heartening? Not that they had my wallet, no, whatever. What was really cool was that someone actually used my business card to contact me! Yah, they found my office number on my business card. That was totally cool. And the first time a business card of mine was used for its intended purpose.

I went and got my wallet from the executive offices and found all of my now-canceled cards present. In fact, everything was there, except for my cash. My theory is that one of the stadium cleaning crew (i.e. temp agency, i.e. hired on a nightly basis, i.e. hoboes) found the wallet, took the money and returned it. I would say "fair enough," but really, after you take the money and leave the cards, there's not much worth salvaging.



Blogger Joe said...

Hold on...your business card is intended to be used only when someone finds your wallet?

What about for free lunch raffles? That's all mine seem to be good for.

10:25 AM


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