Friday, May 23, 2008

i refuse to be sad . . . *sniff*

I refuse to be sad about the Cavs losing their playoff series against the Celtics. The folly of sports, well, the folly of sports fans, is the folly of incongruous expectations and false hopes. My expectations didn't start incongruous. They were actually quite reasonable (and correct) - 2nd round exit. But, then the team puts together some solid efforts in 3 of the first 4 games (winning 2) and in comes false hope. "Hey Roger. Cavs are looking good! Time to get emotionally invested - even more! WooHoo! Is that the liquor cabinet? Aren't wins delicious? Let's do a few shots of this! Hey-o! Look and that passing! Assists on every basket! Don't mind those needless turnovers, just chug that $2.50 Newcastle, so sweet!" And false hope only got more insistent after the Cavs knotted the series at 3.

Then the game last Sunday and the game 7 loss. I was surprisingly calm. False hope left without saying goodbye. And I was left to wait until next year.

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