Friday, February 01, 2008

the tell-tale foot

Someone in my cube area taps their foot - really hard. It's incredibly irritating. Just thought I'd share that.

I'm working on re-writing a program. As I said to someone else, it was originally written by a "team of insane, typing monkeys." How do you conjecture the intentions of insane, typing monkeys? Insane-typing monkeys, ok, you can figure most of it is just spazzing on the keyboard. But if they are mentally ill and they have a motive - how do you extract the algorithm? ITM do not leave behind documentation. Instead of documenting they lay on the branch of a tree on their back masturbating (with their feet) and upside down spitting/sucking their spit back into their mouths. This might seem like a particularly harsh view of monkeys, but I witnessed a chimp doing exactly that at the zoo. It was a day after prom event that my friends and our dates were enjoying.

Dang. That monkey got way more action than I did that weekend at like none of the cost.

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