Wednesday, January 30, 2008

nee roger

So, they might be moving us IT losers out of the downtown locale and into more suburban confines (Strongsville if you're familiar with NE Ohio). I am not a fan of the potential move. Although I'll admit that I wasn't in love with this place today as I walked in against 60 MPH gusts whipped on me at a heart-solidifying -875 degrees, overall I feel a move to Strongsville is a -1 (where one work happiness unit is of significant value).

Hmmm, I started writing this a long time ago and forgot the point . . . oh yes. One of my main beefs is that my current location has a work gym - the incredible convenience of which I appreciate frequently. New locale is currently gymless. I had at one time expressed to my boss that I wasn't much interested in the work-at-home program as I preferred to utilize the let's-get-physical facilities. Remembering this (?) she asked higher-ups if they'd be putting a gym in the new building. Ok, this is getting too long. She came over to talk about it and addressed me as "Mr. Workout Man."

That's my new name. Consider yourselves notified.



Anonymous mdcotter30 said...

so dude you turned down the "work at home" part? other than the gym wouldn't this be a nice benefit?

4:37 PM


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