Saturday, January 12, 2008

. . . and I can't take it anymore!

Ok. Rare Saturday post here at the Marginally Clever, but it can't wait.

The Verizon commercial with the Waldo/"we're the network" character getting into the cab . . . right. He then morphs into a "laboring" women and the other "network" members he's with become the woman's mother and friend/sister. Uhh . . . why? Does Waldo have a contract stipulating that he must appear in every new Verizon commercial? Wouldn't it have been just as effective for the woman to appear during the entire commercial? Are they trying to tell us that as a phone company they are so ingrained with our needs that they are actually US?

Whatever it is. It's creeping me out.

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Blogger Joe said...

I find that commercial way too distrubing for words. I suppose it's supposed to symbolize how tied to our cell phones, but if I ever morph into that guy, I'm calling it quits.

3:28 PM


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