Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this here blog needs a post . . .

and I'm the only man for the job! (Due to poor planning when I created this.)

Anyway, I am essentially falling asleep at my desk and for some reason I thought this would help alleviate that. Instead it's the proverbial "gasoline on the fire." Honestly, if there is anything more boring than reading this blog it's writing it. Sheesh.

At any rate, I had two people ask me for help today. And it's like my initial thought is, "How do you have this job?" Not that I'm mega-ultra smart or anything, but they we're like not even in the right zip code solution-wise. So, I do it for them and try to explain. And next time they do it themselves! Wrong. Next time, they know I'm a sucker and just come ask me to begin with before spending any time on it.

Maybe I'll make them pay me for answers in Cool Ranch Doritos. Damn. I really want some Cool Ranch Doritos now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about you research home mortgages. That's sure to keep you awake. If not, there are about 20 thank you notes that still need to be done. Think about it.

4:44 PM

Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Mmmmmm. Cool Ranch Doritos.

6:30 PM

Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

...and I just made Chris go and buy me some Cool Ranch Chips. Because I'm sick and feeling entitled, dagnabit.

7:09 PM


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