Friday, July 27, 2007


You know your blog is dying when Alan goes, "Hey, good to see a couple people commenting on your blog." Alan was politely hinting that maybe it was time to hang it up. I imagine those who love Trot Nixon are saying pretty much the same thing to him right about now. "Hey Trot. Good to see you hit the ball out of the infield yesterday - on the fly - solid." (Aside: Christopher Trotman Nixon - ha.) It's not an intentional rip; the effort is seen and appreciated and those who care try to find the good. It might not even be accurate, but at some point you're looking for ANY sign of life.

Which brings me to the blog. I started this thing as an exercise in casual writing, something I've done my whole life. I didn't pimp the blog out to people, very few knew of its existence, but over time (and the occasional friend I told) people found it. As time goes on, I am losing blog friends at a far greater rate than I'm gaining new ones. That's ok too.

What is the point of this post? That is a good question. I started writing it this morning and now it makes little sense and I forgot how I was going to tie it in to some cool stuff. At any rate, there are way too many words to simply throw away. Bottom line: You are stingy typers. Despite that, the blog goes on - much like the desert tumbleweed.

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Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I don't think it is the message but the medium that is the problem. I don't think people check blogs as much anymore. That's my theory at least. My blog has gone from several hundred views a day to about a dozen. You get used to lots of people viewing and posting. It gets depressing when it doesn't happen as much.

3:06 PM

Blogger may-b said...

I am very glad to hear you aren't giving it up. I'm relieved.

Also, I thought you had dropped off the face of the planet due to wedding things. You haven't been a chatty Cathy here or on anyone else's blog.

Maybe we all have used up our funny?

2:36 AM

Blogger LynnieC said...

Yeah, I was going to say that I don't usually comment on your blog because you're funnier than me. Note I continue to post on Bronwyn's and Maryanne's blogs. *zing*

4:31 AM

Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, I was going to comment that usually I'm not feeling very funny...

I got all worried while I was reading through this comment -- "Oh no! No more Roger! But he's so pleasant!" -- and so I'm glad that you're not listening to anyone who'd say that it's time to hang up the saddle just because of low comments.

(And my readership's always low in the summertime. For me, it's because most of my readers are in the school system and therefore don't have any reason to procrastinate in the summertime.)

11:59 AM

Blogger roger said...

TL: I could see that. Truth be told, I never had a TON of readers, maybe just more aggressive commenting.

may-b: Well, my posting ebbs and flows. It's been flowing lately - or is that ebbing? Anyway, on other blogs I don't comment as much because I'm being fed your blogs by Bloglines, so I'm not actually on the blog reading a post. Therefore, I will only comment if I have something really sweet to say. For example if I think it looks like you're sitting on a bunch of phone books.

LynnieC: Ha! That was funny.

QWP: Thank you! You are pleasant as well :). I will forge ahead.

3:17 PM

Blogger may-b said...

I figured that was the case. I always know when I have done well when you actually comment.

You're just jealous because I don't have to sit on phone books.

2:22 PM


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