Wednesday, July 25, 2007

johnny wontshutthefuckup

We had a staff meeting earlier.

News of Note:
  • Burgandy shoes/white tube socks.

  • Dude that kept talking and talking non-stop, single-handedly taking a 30-minute meeting and making it an hour and a half. This is grounds for castration in my book. My book is called, "When It's OK to Castrate A Co-Worker."

  • Warm pop. This is like kissing your cousin, but she's kind of hot.

  • Awkward eating meeting. No one comes out smelling like roses after one of these or without food spat on them.

  • Unfortunate lack of fifth notable piece of news.

But all was made right by it being a pizza party. Woot. Seconds are to be had, friends . . . seconds to be had by me forthwith.

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Blogger MCBias said...

Warm pop is severely underrated. I also have a soft spot for defizzed pop. Crazy, I know.

4:12 PM


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