Monday, July 16, 2007

even cleaning ladies get the blues

So in the office there was a note left near the coffee machine. It read, in effect, that our cleaning lady was sorry her cleaning hadn't been sufficient lately and asked for our patience as her husband has recently passed away.

This has got me thinking about the possible scenarios under which someone would write this note.

Someone complained. Ok, this is beyond my realm of comprehension. I don't notice these things. Sometimes, if I unknowingly drop some food on the floor and then grind it into the carpet, I'll notice if it hasn't been swept up the next day. But, I'm not about to complain. When would I? Probably when the roaches infested my computer and prevented me from accessing the internet.

The other possibility is that cleaning lady takes so much pride in her work that, feeling her work had suffered, she actually felt sorry for it. This is another thing that I can't comprehend.

Cleaning lady, I could never understand you, but it is ok. Be as messy as you want to be.



Blogger Joe said...

You're a good man, Roger

2:19 PM

Blogger Alan said...

How does the Rogatar feel about the cleaning lady's message?

11:08 PM


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