Tuesday, November 07, 2006

-5 new guy, -5

So I sneeze and the new guy next to me doesn't say, "God bless you." WTF new guy? How about a little effort? Then I think, "*GASP* What if he doesn't believe in God?" THEN I think, "*DOUBLE GASP* What if he doesn't believe in sneezing??"

There is another new co-worker who has that sexy, sultry female voice that makes all the guys listen attentively whenever we hear it. Then we remember it's actually another guy and we get kind of creeped out. I have to turn around and see that it's him because he sounds so much like a woman. "I want to go shopping," "Math is hard," "Men are sexist pigs." Ha ha, just kidding. Not what he says, the voice itself. It's quite disconcerting.


Blogger High Desert Diva said...

He could have at least said, "Gesundheit". I mean c'mon, is he against "good health" as well?!!

Damn, not blessin' bastard!

Perhaps you should move anti-sneeze man and sexy voice man into the same cubicle...Although, I'm not sure that it'd accomplish anything.

2:58 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

How do you know he just didnt' say it very quietly?

3:37 PM

Blogger djn said...

When it's his turn to sneeze, you should mumble "gross" -- just loud enough for him to hear.

4:00 PM


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