Monday, October 23, 2006

hey mickey you're so fine

Well, Anaheim was good. theMonica (who the hell registered that?) had a grood time. The conference was solid too. It started with a big, general kick-off session in the convention center's arena. This is pretty big place, probably seats 7 large or thereabouts. After most people were seated, the back of the stage rotates around (like the secret doors in an old castle) to reveal a band. They're playing "Let's Get it Started," but the lyrics are changed to be conference specific. This would seem to be the most hilarious thing ever, but in actuality, they used such general concepts, that it wasn't funny at all. What was funny was the poor man's Nikki Parker singer trying to get the 5200 computer dorks all up into it. First of all, the sheer geek power in that room would crush any small amount of cool that may have been in the air. Additionally, it was 8 o'clock in the morning. I don't wave my hands in the air over business synergies at 8 in the morning. Now, wait until after morning snacky time and I'm all about getting my synergy on.

As is my wont, I began to look for celebrity look-alike contest winners. I saw Red from That 70's Show, Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish (I know his name's not Hootie; I know he hated being called Hootie when they were big; I bet he would kill to be Hootie again) and Wayne Brady. Oh wait. That actually is Wayne Brady. Wayne came out and did his improv thing with a buddy. CroutonBoy should look to get on the team as Wayne busted out about 10 World of Warcraft knee-slappers. I would contend that we are a little different brand of dork, but the details of such an argument would bore and confuse you. Regardless, I have to give Wayne props. He didn't phone it in at all and he didn't seem bitter than he was working a computer guy (ok, like 90% guy) convention. He had the same energy you always see him with and he even went 10 minutes past what he was contractually obligated to so he could put on another improv game. That's a pro's pro, right there.

The ushers for that initial kick-off deal were wearing giant, white Mickey hands. It was way creepier than it sounds.

At any rate, that's all I can think of for right now. More to come, or not. Prepare yourselves accordingly.


Blogger Alan said...

That's like the seventh World of Warcraft reference in the last week.

9:48 AM


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