Wednesday, October 18, 2006

not dead

Hey gang. I am not dead. I am fine. I am actually with theMonica in Anaheim. Yes, while she lounges around the pool I am in a convention center learning about IBM and other computer-guy related stuff. I will update again if I get a chance. Woot.

Oh, per last post, my deepest apologies to Smokey. The culprit was actually Monoxy, my carbon monoxide detector. I did not know Monoxy had a battery, nor that it did the BEEP!! thing. I was picking something up off the ground when it went off right in my hear and only then did I figure it out.

Inanimate objects: 1, Rogman: 0.


Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

Is this the year when everyone goes to Anaheim? Mr. QoWP is going there on business next month (I keep teasing him that he's going to come home with monogrammed Mickey Mouse ears). And I'm pretty sure that Justanothergirl of Amandolyn and Ky fame is heading there the month after that.

12:56 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Some people moved out of the apartment next door and their carbon monoxide detector kept beeping. So I had to break in and rip out the batteries.

6:22 AM

Anonymous CroutonBoy said...


Although you'll probably make more money than the rest of us put together. And have the coolest WoW character.

And carbon monoxide detectors are the spawn of satan. Ours went sailing out our sixth floor window at 3 AM one night for that very reason.

1:56 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Once I saw Spawn of Satin spray painted on the side of a garbage bin. Spawn of Satin is not so scary, more slippery.

6:02 PM

Blogger Nukie said...

you should get a hearing test

8:06 AM

Blogger roger said...

QoWP: Uh, yes, yes it is.

NYM: Last one I had I plugged in and it underwent some self-cleaning for 18 hours. During that time I went out of town. As soon as the cleaning ended it started going off. Everyone in the house died. Just kidding. It got set off by a truck, so the fire department said, after my downstairs neighbors called the landlord who called the FD.

CB: WoW, eh? I would comment further put it would ruin my Anaheim wrap-up post.

TL: I defer to your superior knowledge.

Nukie: What?

8:28 AM

Blogger Joe said...

Hope the convention went well. Sounds like a great vacation for both of you.

Erm...the beeping was due to a faulty battery, I hope.

1:46 PM


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