Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i can't say, "the article made me want to vomit."

Why won't blogger remember me? I always check the button that says, "Remember Me," yet the blogger, she refuses. It's not like I had a one-night stand with blogger and then never called. I am loyal and true. I remember blogger, yet blogger leaves me blue.

Well, not so loyal and true, you might be thinking, "not enough updating rogman." Well, I will get my team of monkeys working on a more rigorous schedule. They are wily and unruly and sometimes I have to "discipline" them. Also, nothing really funny has happened throughout the entiritey of humanity in the past couple of days; therefore, I have nothing to offer. We could talk about the semicolon a little. My friends and I were discussing its proper usage. We're not even English dorks; it's just one of those things that happens when you spend a lot of time with the same people. See. That is how I like to use a semicolon - to connect two independent, highly-related clauses. Yah, I just got all Strunk and White on your asses. You're welcome!!

Anyway, now that I can call it a post, what do you think of the title? (of this post, not the blog.) I will sometimes put a random song lyric or movie quote in the title because I happen to be listening to/thinking about that lyric or quote as I'm tabbing into the post's title input box. Then sometimes I will get google searches on this random bit of quote/lyric. I feel I'm disappointing ones of people everywhere because most of the time I don't reveal what it is that I'm talking about (or even that it's creation wasn't my own). Should I make note of it via link? I don't know; it kind takes all the fun out of it, eh?


Blogger May-B said...

I don't think spanking your monkey is technically "discipline".

11:38 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Like New Order song titles, your blog titles stand on their own merits and needn't be tied to anything specific.

And perhaps blogger just respects your relationship with theMonica.

P.S may-b is my new hero.

2:49 PM

Blogger roger said...

She always goes for the cheap laugh, doesn't she?

4:45 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

You're a poet.

12:04 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I've had the same problem with Blogger. It seems it can only remember while you have the browser open. If you use Firefox, you can have it remember your username and password.

1:48 PM


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