Wednesday, September 06, 2006

who loves you wednesday?

Another list of things, this time numbered for easy reference when discussing with friends.

  1. I have this thing where I want to title all my posts with questions, but think it's bad form (for some reason known only to my subconscious). But since this is a paraphrase, it's kosher, right?

  2. This title is in reference to the fact that I was off work yesterday (as well as Monday) and Wednesday being the first day of the work week is pretty all right by me. AND I have my a fantasy draft this evening (yes, the night before the season starts) - so much excitement for one day.

  3. The world in general seems to be taking the Steve Irwin death pretty hard. I mean, it's sad. He leaves a wife and two young children. But, I guess I've always been mentally ready for it. Like having an old sick grandma, who maybe is fighting cancer or something. It's always sad when they pass, but it's made some small bit easier by the preparation you undergo due to the circumstances. Steve Irwin's circumstances were that he was intentionally putting his life in danger on a regular (daily?) basis. I guess I was ready for this to happen. The surprising thing to me was that it was a stingray. I would have pegged him for death by snake. It's like Grizzly Man being killed by a woodpecker - not shocking, but surprising.

  4. A friend of mine started a blog recently. I promised her AT LEAST two strangers would go visit and say hey. Volunteers? It's called ria6677. (Fair warning: If you crack the code, she will end you.) Someone explain sitemeter to her. . . May-B? You went from disbeliever to master internet stalker in like 3 weeks.

  5. A co-worker tells me the "kids" these days are again using "fine" as a synonym for attractive. It strikes me that some teenage kid's creepy uncle controls a large part of teen culture, especially slang and wardrobe.


Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

Glark claimed that Steve Irwin's cause of death was "the law of averages." I'd say that's about right.

11:17 AM

Blogger May-B said...

I could possibly show her the ropes of internet stalking. I'm a quick learner. Although, I totally blame you for getting me hooked.

12:56 PM


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