Thursday, August 04, 2005

sick days

theMonica: I don't feel well.
me: Stay home.
theMonica: Shouldn't I save my sick days for when I really need them?
[I assume "really need them" didn't mean when she wants to go shopping.]
me: You are sick. That's why they give you sick days.
theMonica: I know, but I would feel guilty.
me: Sure, you'll feel guilty . . . at first, but that'll pass.

But theMonica, like some sort of modern day Elliot Ness-ess, is incorruptible and went to work despite my spot-on advice. Although, I did feel vindicated when later in the day she emailed to tell me that she was, "Bored at work," and she "wished she was home already." For serious, am I EVER wrong? (Understand this is a rhetorical question and I will entertain no responses.)


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