Monday, August 08, 2005


My boss has had me sit in on a couple of interviews in order for me to ask "technical questions" of applicants. I don't think I'm ideally suited for this job as I'm not really that smart, I fear strangers (I mean, what if s/he offers me candy? I LIKE candy.) and I generally avoid confrontation. The best technical question I could think of was, "Are you stupid?", but that seemed overly aggressive. How hard is it really to fake being smart enough to do a job for 45 minutes? How am I supposed to exposed said hidden stupidity? I'm not sure, but I've muddled through thus far. I can't help but feel that I'M the one being interviewed.


Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Maybe you'll get lucky & they'll offer you candy that you don't like. On the other hand, you're old enough to know not to accept candy from strangers. Even if they are trying to bribe you to get a job.

4:13 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Never fear Roger. As an HR professional I'm here to help.

Erm...never mind. I got nuthin'.

8:27 AM

Blogger roger said...

Applicant, do you know what a "computer" is? Whatever. I was completely worthless in there. I got people skills like a leper.

9:41 AM

Anonymous Dana said...

NYM - Some lessons are never learned. For Roger, they are always ones involving candy.

Roger - I don't know how you are "supposed to exposed said hidden stupidity" - but you seem like the right man for the job.

And as a person who had to conduct more interviews than she would have ever liked to, you would be shocked at how hard it is to hide stupidity - even for 45 minutes. Kind of like the guy who asked for interview pointers after his interview. And I don't mean after we turned him down for the job, I mean right after the interview was over.

2:17 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...


Believe me I understand about stupidity and interviewing. I've been a recruiter for the last 8 years and have interviewed so many idiots that I question the future survival of the human race.

3:25 PM


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