Thursday, May 05, 2005

Netflix: North By Northwest

Drunk driving with Cary Grant. I'm sure Cary disapproved, but it was a plot point.

Special effects by Billy. I admit it didn't look nearly as bad as this at full-speed, but still, look at the fun miniatures! Althought, I think a miniature Doberman would have really pushed the scene over the top.

Ok, this woman is supposed to be Cary Grant's:
  1. special girl
  2. red-headed stepchild
  3. nosey neighbor
  4. mother
The correct answer is d . . .? Yes, d. I kept thinking "mother" was a pet name for his best girl but it wasn't. I guess if you're Hitchcock and you can get Cary Grant you get Cary Grant. Even though Grant is actually 10 months older than Jessie Royce Landis. Who says you never learn anything reading this blog?

Martin Landau can see through your soul!

At any rate, I liked North By Northwest. It is Hitchcock - not like you're going to throw a brick at the TV because it's unbearable.



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