Friday, April 29, 2005


Mother Nature is a whore. I don’t say this lightly. I’ve been asking around to various other ethereal beings and the reputation is already out there; I’m just the messenger. Father Time says, “Mother nature? Totally easy.” Poseidon agrees, “You put a few in Mother Nature and look out! Away go all trappings of respectability. Robes flying, the foul language, it’s terrible, unless you’re the one putting the drinks in her – if you know what I mean? And I think you do. Huh? Know what I’m saying?” So, really, it’s obvious. Total slut. For serious, a foot of snow in mid-April? What kind of cruel freakin’ joke is that Batman? Oh, don’t worry, we followed that up with a warm-up. Yah, two weeks of 50 degree weather. Let's just skip the whole spring/summer charade and have perpetual winter. It'd be like The Day After Tomorrow – talk about a great movie. You should see it! Oh wait, you can’t hear sarcasm over the blog, can you?


Blogger Joe said...

Dammit. I was so excited by your glowing review of "The Day After Tomorrow" that I ran right out and rented it before coming back to read the last line.

There's 4 bucks I'll never see again...

4:13 PM

Blogger roger said...

I'm sorry. This blog was not supposed to be a tool of cruelty, but I see that I've failed.

10:32 AM


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