Thursday, May 05, 2005

kids are stupid

I was thinking today that I'm really busy at work, enough so that I'm swamped. (Not swamped enough not to write this, but you know how that is). Anyway, I was thinking that seeing as how I'm swamped, would that make me Swamp Thing? And then I remembered the first time I saw Swamp Thing. I was young, maybe 5, and the girl at the end of the street had the first video player/recorder in the whole world. I went to her house and she's telling me about her family's Betamax and I was unimpressed. She said, "You can record TV and watch it later." I said, "Why wouldn't you just stay home and watch it?" She didn't have a good reply to that and why would she? Really, what could be more important than catching your favorite TV show as it airs? And then she showed me how you could pause what you were playing. THAT was rad, I had to admit, but more of a novelty. All-in-all, I wasn't convinced this whole "home recording" thing was going to take off. I must have been the dumbest kid ever.


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