Thursday, April 14, 2005

breaking the mold

Neighbors Express Indifference To Discovery of Local Murderer.
MC Wire Reports: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Recently 18 bodies were found buried in the backyard of Ike Walters. Despite the grizzly nature of the crimes, neighbors were unsurprised by the finding. "I'm unsurprised. He was always threatening to kill people, saying stuff like, 'I'm going to kill you and chop up your body and possibly eat parts of it. And maybe I'll put remaining parts into my freezer and save them as mementos of my twisted nature.' And then there were people always going into his house, but you'd never see anyone leave." Asked about his social tendencies, another neighbor commented, "He always had his nose in other peoples' business. He'd walk around the neighborhood all the time, loudly bothering everyone. He was especially mean to the children. I'm not shocked at all by this."


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