Friday, June 17, 2011

tiny moustache

I am wearing a tiny moustache (why do I think there is an o in moustache?) on the corner of my lip. You see, my m(o)ustache hair is blonde and that makes it tough to shave. Not that my hair rips the blades of my razor to shreds or anything like that, but instead since it's so pale, I have a hard time seeing if I missed a spot. Once the shaving cream has been moved, I can't really tell where else to shave.

Post-shaving I will often find myself sporting a tiny, tiny mustache on the corner or my upper lip. On the scale of world problems, this has got to be top 10 - I'm guessing somewhere near the Greek financial crisis (can't you people sell more gyros??!).

So, I am busy with baby. That's a good band/movie name right there. Busy with Baby. Feel free to use it when you start you nice alt-rock band. When that happens, be sure to sell you mp3 albums for 3 bucks. This, to me, is the sweet-spot price for new, promising music. If you're "unique ear" approved, then you may charge up to 5 dollars. But anything more than that is usury!

That is all.

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