Wednesday, May 04, 2011

crackity jones

You know you're almost 35 when you are afraid to check on the baby because all your joints clickity-clack. Although, truth be told, I've always had cracky joints. I'm not sure why. I think I should eat shark marrow or something. Anyway, I was thinking of this when I went to reblanket sleeping Lincoln.

So, I just want to publicly call out BS on 2 billion people watching the Royal Wedding (so many horse faces! Many on horses!). That's like 2/7ths the world's population, yo. If you discount India and China because wtf do they care, that's like 2/5ths+ the world's population (India, being formerly "Britishish" may care, but I'm assuming many have no TV). There's just no way.

Now I know my Canadians were watching (and one was THERE!), but they are Canadian and have to do whatever the queen says so far as I understand. Many moons ago she dictated that all Canadians be super-good hockey players and so it was written and so it has been done. She is wise, that queen.

There is also a rumor going around that Prince WhyTheLongFace I will not be king. (It goes something like William is calling skipsies on Charles.) This is false, yes? He would have to abdicate first, no? I think this was started by the rampant popularity of The King's Speech. That or Ryan Seacrest. He is everywhere!

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Blogger Ky said...

It is indeed a rumour, based on the fact that everyone wants Whythelongface II to be king instead of his father, also known as Jug Ears, on account of he's much handsomer.

1:01 PM


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