Tuesday, October 30, 2007

mystery solved

A buddy emailed the other day to tell me he had read the blog for the first time (!). The fact that he was best man at my wedding notwithstanding, skipping the blog is unacceptable. This is the greatest and best blog in the world . . . tribute.

I was quickly over it when he then revealed the origin of the quote that you all failed me miserably on. As it turns out, it was Lord Chesterfield (not Colderidge - but they both apparently wrote "letters to sons," which was something I vaguely recalled). I was searching for "love" instead of "matrimony," junking up my google results something fierce.

Moral of the story: What's the purpose of this blog if the "people with answers" don't read it? Just kidding. I love you.



Blogger Joe said...

Alas, if we'd spent less time reading your blog, we could easily have found the answer.

Stop being so riveting, dammit.

4:17 PM


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