Sunday, May 06, 2007


I think under-porch kitty is some sort of specially trained ninja cat.

I come home from a night with the fam - celebrating RS2's birthday, eating pizza and ice cream and working on the wedding invite list.

I parked. I was carrying the golf bag I had bought earlier in the day and some other stuff. Just as I'm about to open the door Upninjky appears. He deftly shuffles, BUT, I block his path with my golf bag. He backs away, hoping to sneak-in another day.

I think Upninjky thinks that if he gets into my apartment he's safe and he can't be removed. It's like home base or whatever. I don't know. He might be right so I'm not letting that happen.

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Blogger Joe said...

Or...and I'm just throwing this out here...maybe he's been trained to steal any new golf equipment that you bring home.

11:28 AM


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