Tuesday, April 24, 2007

note to self - note the punchline

My last post I wrote a long time ago. I'm not sure when, but the idea was to save it for a rainy day (blogging-wise) and post it here to make it seem like the font of my blogging is an overflowing river of ha-has and guffaws. So I open up the saved post and I think, "So far, so good."

The problem was, the post consisted of this:
Is it appropriate to send an email with the subject "friendly reminder"? Isn't it left to the reader/a majority of the readership to determine whether or not an email reminder was in fact, "friendly"? I think it's bad form. And that's how I responded in the subject of the reply.
There is one slight problem with this - I didn't write the punchline. That's why you were left with "dissenting rejoinder," which, come to think of it, should at least be "smartass rejoinder."

Let this serve as warning to all you other bloggers out there - remember the good parts. You can write the garbage filler any time.

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Blogger Joe said...

I believe my blog's entire purpose is to serve as evidence that garbage filler is fairly easily written.

12:04 PM


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