Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i stoned Jock Callander

I'm in a beginner hockey league through Hockey North America. The idea is that instead of going to pick-up and having people fire pucks at you indiscriminately for hours at a time, I will get some actual training as I try out ice hockey for the first time.

At any rate, Jock is the instructor for the team. And as he was demonstrating a cone/shooting drill, he came down towards me and BAM! left pad save! I was all, "Where's your Stanley Cup now biaaatch?"

Yah, not so much. You know how you throw a ball to a 2-year-old? That was the hockey equivalent of what happened. I suspect if Jock shot 100 pucks at me, I might stop 5, 2? I'm not so good.

Jock is a really nice guy. And I just found out he's the pride of Regina! I'm sure Bronwyn and her majesty and a mandolyn and ky have already organized a fan club which I could join.

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Blogger May-B said...

Never heard of him. Is he cute?

12:44 PM


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