Wednesday, February 21, 2007

there but by the grace of God (and a full tank of gas) go I

The canopy at the gas station which I frequent (probably for about 95% of Blue's fill-ups) collapsed. Some people were trapped beneath and I'm not sure what happened in the end. Strange and kind of scary and strangely I didn't think too much about the fact that it's my primary gas station and it wouldn't have been unusual for me to have been there.

It got me to thinking about life and death. Generally, I've been a "when my time comes, it comes" kind of a person. Typically, this is an attitude risk-takers have. You know, people who cross the interstate on foot as a shortcut home or jump out of airplanes and whatnot. I'm the exact opposite. I don't understand all the unnecessary derring-do that people engage. I like to take things nice and slow. No unnecessary risks for me. In fact, I'm not even going to go risk going to the gas station anymore.



Blogger Alan said...

That Sunoco station is looking pretty sweet right now.

2:19 AM


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