Wednesday, February 21, 2007

top 7 days of the work week to go out

7. Monday: You're already through a fifth of the work week, but the remaining four-fifths looms much, much larger, like 17/20ths.

6. Sunday: Psychologically an easier night to go out on than Monday, provided you leave the house before upcoming-work-week depression sets in.

5. Wednesday: The week is more than half over. Knock back a few.

4. Tuesday: I've always liked going out on Tuesdays. Probably stemming from quarter-draft nights back at UD. Not that I remember them so well. I do remember James' Laid twice in a row. GO FLYERS!

3. Thursday: The work week is effectively over. Time to have some fun (although, the older I get the less it feels like the week is effectively over).

2. Saturday: Duh.

1. Friday: Friday takes my top spot because, well, you have the protection of 2 days to recover from a hangover plus the euphoria of the freshly ended work week. I can sometimes get a little loopy from lack of sleep during the week, but in my mind that only makes things all the more entertaining (for everyone else).

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Anonymous croutonboy said...

I disagree on picking Friday over Saturday. Your argument is good, but if you get too wrecked then you've blown your whole weekend. Wouldn't you rather get messed up and then blow a day of work? think about it...

1:49 PM

Blogger roger said...

I see your point and strongly considered it but I decided to restrain myself to assuming I HAD to be at work. Otherwise, I might start drinking a lot every night.

2:36 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Friday is my favorite day of the week & by far it's the best day to go & get completely smashed.

This post reminded me of a month or so back when I had stopped off on a Monday night at my local mexican restaurant for an innocent margarita and ended up puking my guts out all night from tequila shots. Nothing worse than being totally hungover on Tuesday morning.

8:32 PM


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