Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Blogger was being all weird and making me think someone hacked into my account and changed my password and was posting a bunch of hilarious shit that everyone was commenting on and sending to their friends and whatnot and then that person got really famous and was able to keep their wits about them and never OD or be a prick or complain about feeding their children on 5 million dollar per motion picture contracts.

After I tried to reset my password (the email of which I never received twicely on both counts), I tried to login again and it worked. I then realized that all the stuff I mentioned above had actually been written by me and I STILL never became famous and I was also never able to tell the story of the sweaty clothes bag.

Sometimes mind must conquer matter. I was crossing the street last Friday with my European carry-all type bag (giveaway from the History Book Club For Dorks - though the "Dorks" part is always implied) and in that bag was a plastic bag filled with sweaty clothes - I had just finished a set of jumping jacks or whatnot. Anyway, you can't fit a lot of history books in the book bag because it's kind of narrow and because of said narrowness, I was unable to zip the book bag containing the plastic bag. Plastic bag, peeking out of book bag and seeing its chance for escape, wormed its way out and jumped to freedom onto the asphalt below.

I didn't notice this at first, but when I did I turned around and a kid (male, perhaps 22) was already reaching down to pick up the bag. He was a kind soul because I think he did this reflexively. As he was reaching down though, he paused and I could see in his eyes the thoughts, "WTF? This bag is filled with sweaty clothes! What have I gotten myself into?" I had just applied deodorant, so he must have figured I was ok in the cooties department and he picked the bag up anyway. I thanked him and we went our separate ways.

The moral of the story is: Don't be nice to people or you may find yourself handling their sweaty clothes. Also, wear deodorant.


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