Wednesday, August 09, 2006

in lieu of working . . .

  • I went to the bank to extract money from the cash vomiter. How she spits the green bile! Anyway, I saw an ex-co-worker on the street. She doesn’t work the streets, but she was out there, like me, near to her office, but not exactly in it, working. I thought that I see her kind of often out there on the street and what kind of a slacker is she supposed to be? Then I thought that every time I see her on the street (since I’m unable to see through solid non-window structures) I must also be on the streets, also not working. We were good friends when she worked here.

  • I think I’m addicted to paydays, both the nutty, nougatty candy bar and the financial event. Every morning, around 10, I start to get the hankerin’ for a PayDay. If I’m able to resist, the urge passes and I won’t want one until the next morning. Days on which I receive Pay, I have yet to resist. Those days, unfortunately, are bi-weekly, rather than daily. (I’m just now discovering that we no longer hyphenate biweekly. I am like fortnights behind the English tymes.)

  • A “distant” co-worker of mine recently suffered a stroke. A terrible fate to befall anyone, but some around here think it’s much worse because he was very near retirement. I find that bit of trivia perfectly inconsequential. It’s not as if I want to suffer my strokes now and “get them out of the way.” I will take as many stroke-free days as I can get, thank you, and if a stroke happens the day before my retirement, I’ll consider myself lucky.


Blogger Jen said...

We Canadians are deprived of PayDays. (The chocolate bar, not the money sort.) This makes me sad, wondering what other things we miss out on.

But then of course, you guys don't have Timmy's, so I suppose it even things up.

10:48 PM

Blogger djn said...

I'm addicted to milk duds & sugar babies. I store them in my cubie desk drawers in case I have some sort of break down and I need to call upon their powers...

Ummm... regarding the stroke. Your co-workers are smoking crack.

But you're right -- it's terrible that anyone at all would go through such things.

10:33 PM


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