Tuesday, June 21, 2005

bloggin' here boss

I was fiddling with the copy of Cool Hand Luke I purchased. (See it, really.) And it had saran wrap, stickers, "anti-thievery" tape and some razor wire wrapped around it all in the name of "anti-theft" protection. I said to theMonica, "This isn’t anti-theft protection, it’s anti-open protection." And she said, "You should put that on your blog." Sadly, I can't make her laugh anymore. theMonica now shows approval by passing judgment on the blog-worthiness of my comments. So, you can blame her for the poor quality contained henceforth.


Blogger Joe said...

You're not alone in that regard. Whenever someone would walk up to my ex and tell her that I'm funny, she'd say "Oh yeah? Try living with him."

Then we'd all laugh and laugh and laugh until we cried.

5:00 PM

Blogger roger said...

You can only make people laugh for like 6 months. Then it's like constant crickets chirping.

4:43 PM


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