Tuesday, June 14, 2005

piano lessons

Nearly everyone is infused with sufficient self-worth to think themselves good enough to try new things. Well, learning most new things is hard. Learning the piano is no exception. Difficulty leads to disillusionment leads to indifference, leads to lack of practicing. Why? Well, it's frustrating to take hours and hours to learn the first 8 measures of Menuet in G. Why can't I be some sort of late-blooming prodigy? Or a less-idiotic savant? Discouraged, I slack. But, how long can a guy feel sorry for himself? My bouts pass quickly enough and I'm back on the bench, ready to bang the keys -- and my head against the wall.


Anonymous Stupid McStupidhead said...

Do you still have updates of your progress on your answering machine?

If so, I'll be calling soon.

3:13 AM

Blogger roger said...

Actually right now there is one on my machine.

5:57 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Like you, I had hopes of being an idiot savant when I decided recently to learn to play guitar. So far, I've got the idiot part down pat.

8:08 AM


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