Monday, May 16, 2005

To be read by my future biographer only

Volunteering at the Children's Burn Unit is a difficult task. I try my best to keep the kids in good spirits, but really, they've had a hard row and I don't think my antics are helping. I arrived today wearing a fuzzy red nose and ridiculously long shoes. The children were unimpressed as Patch Adams had been there the day before and he was quite a bit funnier than I. I was chagrined as I walked home, but still sure to pick up any litter I saw on the way. I fretted that I was unequal to the task of helping these unfortunate souls. Well, kids, don't fret. I'll be back tomorrow.


Blogger Joe said...

Thanks for making my job a lot easier. The Marginally Clever biography will almost write itself now!

12:10 PM

Blogger roger said...

Yes it will. Remember: fact checking is for suckers with too much time on their hands.

5:19 PM


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