Monday, April 27, 2009

these people like yard work

So, I officially have the worst lawn in the 'hood. This doesn't take much laziness on my part and really, I can still be way lazier than what's led me to owning the worst lawn in the 'hood.

It's not totally my fault. The previous owner was a big gardener, but she got sick, passed away and the house was empty for some time. What was once some sort of modern day Babylonian Gardens is now a random mixture of plants/shrubbery/weeds. Some stuff is dead, some blooming and other stuff is a concrete rabbit.

The thing that sucks is that I need to cut the grass because the weeds are too high. The grass remains at a comfortable height, but the weeds, they grow aggressively. Oh, yard work. Here's to sneezing and skin cancer!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should just make it official and park a rusty car on the lawn instead.

7:43 PM

Blogger May-B said...

And a couch.

4:13 PM


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