Wednesday, April 08, 2009

you can tell it's a goal by all the "yay"ing

I was think that as I lay on the ice last night. "Do I have it?" YAY! "You know it's a goal by all the 'yay'ing." And it's true. There was a delay though, so I must have had it for a split second. Here's to small victories.

The captain of our team rather unexpectedly and tragically passed away a couple of weeks ago (he was 36!). It's very strange when a peer dies and the game was kind of sad. I badly wanted to win as some of his family came to watch as the league had set-up a collection/tribute, but, alas, FAIL. It was frustrating. Doing your best is all well and good, but often a win is just more satisfying. Oh well. We'll get 'em next time.

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Blogger May-B said...

Wow. That is way too young to die. I'm sorry for your teams loss. All of them, really.

3:31 PM


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