Monday, April 13, 2009

machine go boom (literally)

So my work computer exploded. Not literally, but figuratively. Actually, probably more literally. The hard drive got fried. Sunny side up. Hard. At any rate, I don't have my laptop yet so I'm working at a desk in a "lab." Lab computers don't have any applications on them, instead I have to interface with all my applications via crappy, crippled web versions of everything. FAIL.

The moral of the story is - backup. Now. Go. I had the 10th percentile most important docs backed up to our network, but since they don't give us a ton of network space, there was a lot I left off. Well, more and more, as I sit here, I am realizing it's going to be a monumental pain in the bridge of my nose to get everything back to "just so." All of my paranoid email archiving - gone. All of my quarter posts for this blog - lost. My people to kill list - forgotten to history. It's tragedy really.

In the mean time, I'm expected to produce stuff sitting here with this 30's style computer. *blech*

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, that sucks. The quarter posts! The emails!

But thank you for the warning. I've now had a panic attack at the thought of losing the paper I'm working on and all the work I've done, so I'm backing it up immediately.

1:18 PM

Blogger Alan said...

How are the punch cards working out for you? I hear that ENIAC really gets the job done.

11:38 PM


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