Monday, March 30, 2009

546 LARGE, melonfarmers!

So, I was at the Grog Shop to see Afternoon Naps, AC Newman and a couple of others that it's too late for me to find links for.

At any rate, Grog has a Galaga and it's my favoritest arcade game of all-time. I had previously achieved a high score of 468 medium-LARGE, which is pretty good for dudes that used to play Galaga as a kid and are too curmudgeonly to figure out the new video gaming systems. I'll take Galaga and NHL '94 on Sega Genesis as the 2 best games of all-time, thank you.

I have a sweet spot with being drunk and playing Galaga. I was probably one PBR past that spot as I lost a couple of ships being a dumbass, but otherwise I was in the zone. When all was said and done, I achieved the titular score - 546,000+.

Now, having recently watched The King of Kong (highly recommended) I knew that the all-time Galaga high-score had to be some astronomical and impossibly attainable number. You see, I don't get obsessed with things to the degree necessary to get even, oh, I don't know, 1/25th of the all-time high . . . 15,999,990. Yah, that's right. I can't even imagine the necessary time to get that good at that game.

Then I thought, "Hey, maybe this Krogman guy has a Galaga blog with tips and whatnot." I google and this is the first result. Needless to say I am not willing to go to those extremes to score 16 million. I should note that I couldn't find anything definitive saying this Krogman is the same as the Galaga Krogman, but here's a picture of the Galaga Krogman. Same guy? Looks like it might be . . .

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Blogger LynnieC said...

Looks like it, but positive identification cannot be established unless a fingerprint comparison is made.

1:54 AM


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