Wednesday, February 11, 2009

art of office: what would you do . . . if you were Jesus?

So I have this situation where this person is forever blaming me for everything that goes wrong. Like as soon as a problem crops up, Person will say, "Well, Roger said X, Y and Z." When, really I probably didn't say anything of the sort and maybe said "Q," which Person took to mean something else entirely. I would say it's on the level of "little sister" annoying. Little sisters are annoying, no doubt, but you usually just tune it out and that's that.

My only REAL problem with it is that Person tends to copy 18 different, non-essential, people on every email Person sends concerning these issues. The superfluous copy is an evil that should be eradicated. I understand there are certain micro-manager types that MUST be copied on every email originating from their underlings. But really, 90% of these people do not care and probably only want two emails of this type: 1. Something's broke. 2. That broken something is now fixed.

The project I was working with Person on is now over, mostly. Mostly because the occasional, non-beaten path issue will arise and Person immediately sends an email blaming me. For the most recent case, I have an old email that contradicts this claim directly. (I normally never keep emails, but I figured out early on that this might happen). Now I would think you all know me well enough to know that that doesn't exactly fill me with glee. I mean, I hate the GOTCHA! game. We're all on the same team here, right? (Yes, in this case.) Once something goes wrong it doesn't matter a whit whose fault it is, it just needs to be fixed. I should also mention that I kind of think Person does this out of kneejerk self-defense, rather than malice.

So, what would you do?

What did I do? Not much. I replied-to-partial to the people who need to know I'm not a complete moron. Then I sent an email directly to Person (copying no one) and soft-pedaled the fact that Person was full of hooey. Then we agreed on a solution where I don't have to do anything. Win-win in my book. Or just one win because Person = LOSE.



Blogger May-B said...

I think a kick to Person's junk would be very satisfying.

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