Monday, January 15, 2007

you don't know JACK . . . . still? For Serious?

I was watching 24 last night. I watched the first season and then parts of the second season. Back then it was kind of understandable that the higher-up government types didn't get on-board with Jack's crazy conspiracy theories and seeming clairvoyance.

It's now season 6 and I have to wonder, when are these people going to realize that Jack Bauer KNOWS EVERYTHING? Dang. Besides that mystery, one of my other favorite parts of the show is when some CTU person has written Jack off for dead when suddenly Jack calls in on his cell. The CTU person will say, "Jack, I can't believe you're alive. How did you get out of that horrible and terribly dire predicament?" And then he says something like, "We don't have time to discuss [how awesome I am at not dying]."

At any rate, just a heads-up to all of Jack's bosses: If Jack says don't blow up that guy's house because he's not the guy you want to blow up - don't blow up that guy's house. I don't care if you're the president (who is the brother of the old president - I think) just do what Jack says. And if Jack says he hates the sun, you say, "Yah, fuck the sun. I fucking hate it too."

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