Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When the Jazzman's testifyin', a faithless man believes.

Finally I can feel superior to everyone. I have some jazz albums.

I always figured I'd get into jazz at some point. Long the days I resisted this assumption. It wasn't until I started trying to learn piano (yes, "started trying to learn piano" is the perfect construction here) that I really began to listen to music. This sounds so stupid. It wasn't that I wasn't listening before, just that every now and again I would hear something and my brain would chime in with, "It would take me 6,000 hours to learn to play this." I was never so naive to think it was "easy" to play these things, but the staggering breadth of the talent demonstrated inspired me (though I'm sure I'll never be any good at it). This realization opened my mind to new and exciting things, especially solo-type piano performances, of which jazz is amply stocked.

That was the small hurdle. The larger hurdle was the smug uglies demonstrated by jazz afficionados. You like jazz; therefore, you are better than all those who do not like jazz. Agreed. Agreed? Isn't this the vibe you get from jazz people? I had to walk amongst their circles in a previous life. It would be offered, "Roger does not like jazz." I would suggest that it, "wasn't my bag - daddio." Sometimes, that was met with a sigh and a genuine sorrow for what the lad/lass felt I was missing out on. But most often, it was a sneer and a tisk, tisk - an implied admonishment for being so [fucking] stupid. This turned me off to the whole genre for quite a while.

But now I'm turned on. Watch this space for future ostentation.



Blogger Joe said...

I had the same experience with guitar a while back. I picked it up hoping to find that I'd had some hidden talent, but it turns out that I have none. Kind of like the rest of my life in a way.

Good observation on jazz addicionados. I've used the term "casual jazz fan" to describe myself and I've gotten a few of those sneers directed my way.

At least I think the sneers were because of that phrase...

12:06 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Are you going to start your own Saturday night poetry readings, too?

12:56 PM

Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Yes, it is almost like admitting that one doesn't get "Kind of Blue" makes you somehow stupider.


I mean - no really, I dig jazz.

2:05 PM

Blogger roger said...

joe: Yes. I still can't sit down and play anything on a piano. I learn something and then it's gone forever as I move onto the next thing. Whatever. I suck.

NYM: No.

SGSS: What?!! I don't think you're good enough to read my blog anymore. (Please don't leave.)

10:58 AM


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